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Puppy Pricing

The purchase price for all pups (male or female) at 8wks of age is $2000.

A $300 deposit is required to reserve a puppy. Deposits are non-refundable and are included in purchase price.

Puppy Warranty

Purchasing a puppy from Kozie's Shepherds assures that we will always be available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise with your new puppy.

  • Hips and elbows are warranted to OFA at 2 years of age. This warranty expires when the pup is 26 months of age. This means the owners have a 2 month window to have the dog x-rayed and certified by OFA.

  • if the veternarian suspects a problem with the hips or elbows, the owner or his vet should send the x-rays to OFA and ask for a preliminary opinion.

  • A copy of the x-rays and a preliminary opinion must be sent to Kozie's before the dog is replaced.

  • If the dog is bred before 2 years of age, the warranty is void. This does not mean you cannot breed before 2 years of age, it just means you need to x-ray and be sure of the hips/elbows before you decide to breed the dog.

  • If the puppy is to be replaced, it must be returned to Kozies Shepherds at the owners expense. The replacement puppy shall be of equal quality. shipping cost of the replacement puppy is the owners responsibility. The warranty is a replacement puppy and not a money back warranty.

  • Temperament warranty - None. Kozie's does not warranty the temperament. Both genetics and environment determine the dogs temperament. Too often, very nice genetically correct puppies develop temperament problems as a result of the environment they were raised in.

  • Kozies health records for worming and vaccinations along with the puppies registration papers will be included when the puppy is picked up or shipped.

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