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Aaron von der haus Gill (call name "Aaron")

Date of Whelp: 06 Feb 2009
OFA: Good
Linebred On: Open

Aaron is a 100lb striking dark black sable with rich pigment. For a dog of substantial size he distributes a very fluid-excellent movement. Aaron loves kids and is very calm and careful around them.

He is a very easy dog to be around with a very outgoing temperament, but when it’s work time, Aaron is a dog with very pronounced working and play drives. He has a high desire to please with a no quit attitude that I extremely admire about him. Aaron is an East German bred dog, (both of his parents are imports from East Germany).

I feel very blessed to have acquired a dog with such excellent instinct, desire, and drive to have as my personal dog and stud dog here at Kozies.

Kane vom Kozies (call name "Kane")

Date of Whelp: 02 Mar 2007
OFA: Prelims Good
Linebred On: Open

Kane is the current duel certified patrol/detection dog for LeSueur County, MN. Kane’s a very handsome dark sable that is aprox’ 92lbs. He is a thick bodied, big boned, muscular dog with a very striking head. Kane has strong drive’s with a no quit attitude. He is a tough hard dog with pronounced fight drive, but yet he is an outgoing, easy dog to be around with a very level head.

This is a dog that I liked so much as a young dog I initially was going to keep him here at Kozie’s for my personal dog. But the way it ended up, I put the foundation training and police academy preparation skills in obedience-agility-tracking and bite work on him and placed him with my neighboring County Police Dept’. Kane and his handler took top dog honors at the Minneapolis Police academy. I am proud to have produced a dog like Kane and grateful to have the opportunity to have him as a stud dog here at Kozies.

Ranger vom Kozies (call name "Ranger")

Date of Whelp: 27 Jan 2008
OFA: Good
Linebred On: Open

Ranger is a black/red Ringo-Lydia son aprox’ 93lbs. He is a big boned dog, very masculine head with dark rich pigment. Ranger has nice fluid movement. He has an outgoing temperament, very stable with children of all ages.


Ranger’s working drives are pronounced, with a desire to please and a no quit attitude. After working with him when he was back for training at the facility. I feel this is a dog that could be asked to do service work and be able to do it. From nine weeks old Ranger has lived with a police officer and his family as their personal family dog. I am very proud to have Ranger as a stud dog here at Kozies.

Einna vom Kozies (call name "Einna")

Date of Whelp: 17 May 2009
OFA: Good
Linebred On: Open

Einna is a solid black and weighs 77lbs. She has a very striking head and her movement is excellent. Einna is a dog with strong working and play drives. She has a no quit natural retrieve and is very alert to her surroundings. Einna is a very personal dog with a lot of character.

Her temperament is extremely outgoing, loves kids and enjoys the company of other dogs. I am proud to say that Einna is a Kozie’s bred girl, she distributes the kind of structure movement, temperament, drives and the desire to please that I feel will complement the breeding program here at Kozie’s.

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Liv vom Kozies (call name "Liv")

Liv is a very striking sable with rich pigment and substantial bone. Liv is a large female weighing around 80lbs. She is a stong muscular dog with excellent fluid movement.


Liv has a very outgoing tempermant and love's the company of children and other dogs. Her prey drive is pronounced; and her desire to work is high. Liv is a happy upbeat girl with a lot of character and is an easy dog to be around.

Date of Whelp: 15 May 2010
OFA: Fair
Linebred On: Open

Jody vom Kozies (call name "Molly")

Molly is a sable with very rich pigment about 75lbs. She has nice movement, big bone with a striking head. Molly has a very outgoing temperament, she likes to be in the company of people and canine alike. Her prey and play drives are strong. With a no quit attitude that I admire.

Date of Whelp: 3 March 2013
OFA: Fair
Linebred On: Open

Clare vom Kozies (call name "Clare")

Clare is a 78lb striking solid black. Her movement is very fluid. Clare has pronounced prey drive, with a nice desire to please. She is sound with children and is very patient with other dogs and puppies. Clare is a very nice addition to the breeding program.  

Date of Whelp: 3 March 2013
OFA: Fair
Linebred On: Open

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